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With the internet having taken over pretty much every part of individuals’ lives, its fundamental to have good
WiFi internet plans consistently at home as well as at the workplace. 

The internet culture has prompted considerably more reliance on the web for work, study, shopping, banking, amusement and socializing. 

However, you may face the problem of slow internet speed as the scope of Wi-Fi is limited to a certain range and there will be a few regions where the signal gets more fragile and speeds more slow.

This is the time when the Wi-Fi extenders come to the rescue as under: 

  • In simple words, these extenders work by stretching your internet signal reach into hard-to-arrive regions of your home or office. 
  • The Wi-Fi Extender is connected to the Wi-Fi router and expands the signal into regions that the router can’t reach because of actual hindrances like walls, huge spaces, furniture, roofs, beams and so forth. 
  • It snares onto router signals and rebroadcasts them considerably further on an alternate channel. 
  • The Wi-Fi Extender fundamentally works like a link between the Wi-Fi router and your devices by making a quick and stable wireless signal association, thus, supporting your WiFi internet plans to give consistent speed throughout the home or workplace. Also, Secure your WiFi network with 7 useful tips

Types of WiFi extenders:

  1. Powerline Adapters – Comes with two plugs. Does not experience slow network issues in expanded areas.
  2. External Antennas – Simple plug-in devices which do not require any technical know-how to install.
  3. Weather-Proof Extenders – Suitable for outdoor areas, multiple floors and basement areas.
  4. Router/Extender Combos – Uses a single name on the network which makes the connection simple and seamless.

Reasons To Get A WiFi Extender To Expand Your Internet Plans WiFi

The following are the reasons which makes you consider getting a WiFi extender for your home or business:

  • When you have dead internet spots –

When you have dead internet spots at your home despite having a good speed internet plan of WiFi, you should use a WiFi extender. Dead spots are regions in your home where the WiFi signal vanishes through and through. 

In some cases, you might have gone far away from the WiFi router, or maybe a design highlight or structure in your house is keeping the sign from getting past. 

In the event that there are places in your home, where you can’t get any WiFi signal, then, at that point, a WiFi network extender can help fill in the inclusions and terminate those dead spots.

  • Bad connectivity across floors – 

Perhaps your WiFi router is situated upstairs, however you happen to spend a large portion of your day on the ground floor where the signal works, yet can be slow and irritating. 

A great deal of people simply live with these circumstances and work around the sluggish work regions. 

Perhaps you believe that you can’t stream a video in the kitchen or Facetime in the living area. 

Or Perhaps your children realize that they need to go upstairs for gaming. 

Rather than enduring sluggish WiFi in specific regions of the home, think about a WiFi extender. It will be a quick boost to your internet plan WiFi and will also be financially savvy and will allow you to reconsider how you use portions of your home.

  • To get blazing internet speed – 

WiFi extenders are normally connected for expanding internet signal range to dead spots, however they can likewise be utilized to add faster speeds and, surprisingly, new features to your unlimited WiFi plan for home

By adding an extender to your current network, you can upgrade to the most recent WiFi technology without the difficulty of changing your WiFi router.

Also, some WiFi extenders highlight advanced WiFi technology to build the proficiency of your network, permitting it to deal with more devices and traffic. 

While getting an extender, search for features like dual band WiFi, beamforming, Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO), and companion applications.

  • Your home area is large –

When the size of the home is very big, it’s hard for a single wireless router to cover such a large area, particularly when other home construction factors like concrete beams, pillars and partitions further weaken the signal. 

In case you have got a big home, you can take a stab at placing your WiFi router in the most focal area of the home, still you’ll undoubtedly have to add a WiFi extender to help your sign arrive at the furthest corners of your home. 

  • You want outdoor WiFi signals – 

As our dependence on WiFi is growing, we expect the internet to reach in more places -, for example, the screened patio toward the rear of the house, out by the pool, in the front yard, or perhaps in a garage in house compound. 

For this situation, you can introduce a WiFi extender in the area of your house that is nearest to the open air region where you need inclusion of WiFi signals, and you won’t have to utilize your mobile internet when you’re outside.

Pros And Cons Of WiFi Extenders For Home WiFi 

Getting a WiFi extender to expand your network is a much more cost effective way as compared to upgrading your internet plan. Here are few pros of WiFi extender as per home WiFi internet providers:

  • No need for a new router
  • Increased reach of current network
  • Very compact and handy

But, extenders are always not the right option for the following cons:

  • WiFi extenders function on a new WiFi network with their own name. Which means you will have to connect and switch to the new network in that expanded area 
  • You can expand the network to a greater distance but the bandwidth reduces in the area which has been covered with the help of an extender. 

DNA Goa is a trusted name in providing internet connectivity including home broadband, enterprise broadband, leased line services and other value added services. We are not into providing extender services though, but we have established a large-scale IP network infrastructure covering a wide area. 

What is a WiFi Extender And How Can It Help Your WiFi Internet Plan To Be A Hit?

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