DNA Broadband has combined the power of Google, Microsoft, Akamai to provide a seamless user experience. Besides assisting in search, Google will help users in

  • Uploading and downloading large attachments on Gmail
  • Enjoying HD, Ultra HD or 3d movies and videos without buffering
  • Using Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Accessing prominent worldwide websites hosted on Akamai cloud.
  • Watching Live football and cricket world cup matches with the help of Akamai
  • Accessing websites like Apple, Microsoft, Hotstar, and various live TV apps.

Some Fact Bytes...

  • At Google's data center located at Prabhadevi, Mumbai a direct Optical Fiber cable has been laid down by DNA with a capacity of 10 gbps.
  • A server farm has been installed by Google in DNA's Mumbai and Pune NOC to enrich user experience
  • Similarly, Akamai has extended its server farm in DNA's Mumbai, Virar and Pune NOC which improves user experience.
  • We provide access to Google, Youtube as well as Akamai at a speed upto 30 mbps, notwithstanding the internet open opted for by the user.
  • Affordability for the user, is always our top priority. Therefore no extra fee is charged for providing this upto 50 mbps of value added content by DNA to any subscriber.
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