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For as low as Rs 1016/-* per month, you can subscribe to our Goa Standard FUP Plan and enjoy speed of up to 150 Mbps* (Additional GST applicable). After the FUP is reached, you'll have access to speed of up to 100 Mbps* at ZERO additional charge.

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Pay for 5 Months and Get 1 Month Free*

Pay for 10 Months and Get 2 Months Free*

Goa Standard Plans

S No. Internet upto Post FUP Validity Data Normal Plan Price Normal Plan + OTT price
1 150 Mbps upto 100 Mbps* Monthy 1 TB ₹1016 ₹1270
2 150 Mbps upto 100 Mbps* 3 Months 3 TB ₹3008 ₹3643
3 150 Mbps upto 100 Mbps* 6 Months 7 TB ₹4914 ₹6059
4 150 Mbps upto 100 Mbps* 12 Months 18 TB ₹9830 ₹11524
Additional 18 %GST Applicable 0n All plans


Through a dedicated WiFi router, which we will help you set up, you can easily use the broadband internet service on a WiFi network.
WiFi allows wireless internet connection through a broadband service. Hence, a WiFi network will allow multiple devices to be connected to a single broadband service.
Broadband is the transmission of wide bandwidth data over a high speed internet connection. Broadband Internet is the most utilized type of Internet access due to its high access speeds; it is presented in four unique structures, DSL (or Digital Subscriber Line), additionally fiber-optic, link, and satellite. Despite the fact that it is less expensive, most Internet clients are moving towards broadband internet.
DNA Goa is the leading Broadband Internet Service provider in Goa with uninterrupted, high-speed, and unlimited plans made just for you.
DNA Goa has a spectrum of plans ranging from high-speed plans , unlimited plans, premium plans,enterprise broadband and leased line services. To know the details of home broadband internet, kindly click on the plan of your liking.