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For day-to-day operations businesses these days require uninterrupted internet communications. An interruption in internet connectivity creates a lot of problems in smooth functioning of business. Leased lines have come to be a huge benefit to avoid these problems. Leased lines communication offers numerous beneficial features which helps businesses.

DNA Goa offers best leased line connections, high speed internet & WIFI services in entire GOA. As one of the leading ISPs in Goa, DNA Goa provides high-speed leased line services to residential, SME, and corporate clients across much of Goa using a variety of cutting-edge delivery platforms. With its high-quality services and extensive range of internet packages, DNA Goa is fast growing its footprint in the city as part of its expansion plans.

These are the few beneficial factors listed below:

Fast Connection Speeds:

Your organization’s internet connection should never have a negative impact on business productivity, and a fiber leased line connection will provide your business with an internet connection that optimizes your overall business performance.

Secured Leased Lines:

Security leased lines being exclusive offer utmost data privacy. With such dedicated lines and connectivity one can be assured of complete data privacy and voice transmission privacy.

Massive Storage Capabilities:

Leased lines are tailor made for big organizations. They come with large storage capabilities that are required for such organizations.

Enhanced Productivity:

With leased line services, you don’t need to share bandwidth with any other users. This service is entirely for the business purpose, so, none use it and data is secured. You don’t be afraid about the slow speed as this high speed internet provides smooth and continuous service without any hazards.

Goa has tremendous requirements for Internet leased line. Several internet service providers are now catering to these requirements with 24/7 customer care. DNA Goa provides leased line broadband connection.

Which is better broadband or leased line?

Let’s explore which type of internet service is better:

  • Leased line gives a higher speed connection than broadband internet
  • When you prefer security of your data than leased line is more secure than broadband internet service
  • Leased line offers symmetrical bandwidth as is not shared whereas broadband connection is shared with other users thus resulting in asymmetrical bandwidth
  • If budget is not a constraint for you, you can go for leased line as it is comparatively costlier than broadband connection

The most trusted internet service provider in Goa, DNA Goa provides a wide internet network across the city empowering and delighting its users. We employ cutting-edge technology to grow continuously and meet customer requirements in the best possible  way. So, why wait, contact us today!

Leased line connection in Goa – The need of the hour

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