Home Internet Challenges And Their Solutions While Working From Home

As the trend towards remote work has grown, both companies and individuals have had to improvise quickly. But working from home has given rise to a lot of new network and IT difficulties that you never had to deal with before with home internet.

To handle software and hardware difficulties in the office, you send an email or contact the IT department. However, as remote work has grown more widespread, many employees are left to their own devices with their own technical issues.

But adopting a hybrid work-from-home arrangement definitely has long-term economic benefits as well. It may result in cheaper operating costs for the employer and decreased commuting time for the employees thus saving their time and energy.

In this blog we will walk you through the various technical challenges faced while working from home. We will also share the solutions to overcome these challenges for high speed internet and work efficiently from the comfort of your home.

Work From Home Challenges That You Might Encounter

The below mentioned points will walk you through the various challenges that are faced while working from home:

  • The Wi-Fi Connection Is Unreliable

Many people who work from home may have an unstable Wi-Fi signal, with the signal being strong in one room but poor in another.

  • Slow Home Internet Speed

If your home internet download speed is 1Gbps, you should technically be able to obtain speed of up to 80% of the subscribed bandwidth. However, owing to pressure on the home Internet line caused by several users or connected devices in the same block, performance might be as low as 5% of the allotted bandwidth.

  • Virtual Meetings Of Poor Quality

Excellent audio and video quality is required for effective virtual meetings. Weak sound or video quality might be caused by a lack of technical infrastructure or a poor connection.

  • Internet Latency Issues

The present bandwidth is not able to support your office work which involves a lot of sharing of files and documents with peers and clients.

  • Browser Issues

Browser problems are frequently misunderstood as broadband or signal problems. Many browsers, including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, may have technical problems. You may experience issues such as slow page loading times, inability to open specific pages, occasional browser crashes, too many pop-up windows appearing, or broken videos and graphics.

Solution For Your Work From Home Internet Issues

Here are some solutions to resolve the internet issues while working from home:

  • Check With The Service Provider

Keeping your internet bills low is a good thing, and the cheap internet plan you’re on might not have been an issue in the past. But now that you work from home, you need higher bandwidth. 

Check with your internet service provider in Shanti Nagar, Goa to see if you can get faster internet speed on your current plan. The data transfer rate is affected by bandwidth, which affects connectivity and downloads. These issues can be resolved by switching to a higher-quality ISP like DNA Goa.

  • Check At Your End

When you do not get internet connectivity in some parts of the home, it could be due to physical hindrances. Concrete beams, pillars, partition walls, etc. are a few kinds of obstacles. You can use a WiFi extender which will allow you to have access to good home internet in every nook of your home. 

For your home office, you can get a wired internet connection. It will give you a seamless experience while uploading and downloading files. You can go for wired internet for other stationery devices too at your home. 

Setting up the router near the home office and disconnecting any gadgets that consume bandwidth and are not in use while working can also be considered.

  • Conduct An Internet Speed Test

If you experience slow internet speeds then you can run the internet speed test. Or your internet provider can run speed test for you. 

  • Use A Good Broadband Connection

Your Internet performance can be substantially improved with a new Wi-Fi network from broadband internet services in Porvorim with the latest wireless standards. To offer you a stable business-grade network, you can collaborate with a reliable Internet service provider like DNA Goa.

  • Troubleshooting

If you’re having issues joining a Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams meeting, know how to fix the issue. Make sure there aren’t any privacy settings in Apple or Windows that prevent you from using the camera. 

Check to see if there are any other programs that are using the camera. Download the most up-to-date camera driver for your PC or laptop.

  • Solving Browser Issues

Make sure you’re using the most recent version of your browser. To get the exact method to update your browser, go to Google and type it there. The update is generally located in the About or Help page settings. 

Clear the cache and cookies to fasten page loading speed. Check to see if any plugins, such as JavaScript or Flash, are disabled in your browser.

The answer to your work-from-home internet problems will vary depending on your location, internet type, internet provider quality, and the condition of your exterior and interior house wiring. Furthermore, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for everyone who works from home. DNA Goa provides you with solutions for all your internet problems. Broadband Internet Services by DNA Goa in Porvorim can give you access to Goa Unlimited Plans. Contact us to avail our services!

Why High Speed Home Internet is Necessory While Working From Home?

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