Approaches To Boost Your Broadband Connection Wi-Fi At Home

There are certain things that can make you go insane. One of them is that buffering symbol which can cause sudden bouts of anger. A slow-opening web page can make you feel as if you are sitting and waiting for hours. Thankfully, there are some quick and easy fixes to fasten your Broadband Connection Wi-Fi and to avoid buffering, slowdowns and drop-offs.

Factors that influence the speed & performance of Broadband connection Wi-Fi at home:

  • Router’s coverage range – 

For apparent safety and technical reasons Wi-Fi routers do not have the same bearing power as cell towers. In addition to that, if the router is of low quality then it will struggle to even cover a comparatively small apartment even with a strong Wi-Fi signal  (big house is out of the question!) By using a Wi-Fi analyzer app you can actually determine the reach of your Wi-Fi router.

  • Obstacles – 

Wi-Fi signals can be partially or completely blocked by obstacles   and objects like walls, beams, home appliances, partitions, ductwork, and even people. These Wi-Fi blocking objects have a negative impact on 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks as high-frequency signals do not penetrate solid objects.

  • Interference by other frequencies – 

Many objects like microwave ovens, radios, cell phones, baby monitors, etc. can interfere with the Wi-Fi signals as they all occupy the same radio frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. Also, Wi-Fi networks can interfere with each other which happens in apartment buildings and densely populated areas.

  • Router’s Power – 

All routers are not of the same power as some computers can barely handle web browsing whereas others can render complex 3D objects. You can’t expect a low-power router to provide speedy and reliable wireless access.

  • Bandwidth Breakers – 

Streaming on multiple devices or video chatting can sometimes become the bandwidth breaker. Your Wi-Fi may have a strong signal but due to these devices, even a strong Wi-Fi network can come crawling. 

  • Internet Service Provider – 

You may be blaming your Wi-Fi signal all day for poor performance without knowing that it could be because of your service provider that your work is suffering. You can check the internet speed by performing a speed test and if the measured download and upload speeds do not correspond then you should not hesitate to complain to your service provider.

  • Outdated Router – 

Old routers do not support the new performance-enhancing features like Multi-user MIMO, Quality of service, beamforming, etc. Thus, they affect the performance of your Wi-Fi connection for home.

Now that we have understood the possible reasons for the low performance of Wi-Fi connection, let’s now take a look at solutions that can be undertaken to boost the performance of Wi-Fi connection for home.

Quick Fixes To Boost The Performance Of Your Wi-Fi Connection

  1. Place the router at the right centralized position – 

All the places and spots in your home are not suitable for your router. The router should be positioned at the center of your home in order to get an uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal in all the rooms of your house. Also, the router should not be near any metal or electronic appliances which emit electromagnetic waves.

As a matter of fact, metal is the leading disrupter of Wi-Fi signals. The mere presence of a metal object near your router can create a really big dead zone in your home with low or no internet. So, it’s best to place the router at a height, away from all these appliances in order to enjoy an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Update your router – These days a number of malware attacks have been witnessed which cost businesses and individuals millions every day. Malware attacks are basically cyber-attacks that infect the router, steal the bandwidth, and spread themselves across the whole network affecting all connected devices. It’s a virus attack that damages your router. But, these attacks can be avoided by regularly updating your router and availing good Broadband Internet Service in Altino

Even if there is no malware attack, old routers which are not updated timely give a poor performing W-Fi signal.

  1. Reposition the antenna – the routers have two types of antennas. Either internal or external. There are generally two external antennas. To get the best Wi-Fi signal these antennas should be positioned perpendicular to each other, i.e. one horizontal and the other one vertical. This ensures that the wireless reception is maximized. If your router has an internal antenna or only one antenna, then you need to check to place it in different positions to know which gives the best signal.
  2. Suspend Wi-Fi leeches – You should always protect your unlimited Wi-Fi plans for home by using a strong and unique password that cannot be guessed easily. If you leave your Wi-Fi connection open without protecting it with a password, then chances are that others may use your data more than you. It’s a wrong presumption that my neighbors have their own Wi-Fi connection so they’ll not use mine! 
  3. Use Wi-Fi Boosters/ Extender – If you live in a multi-storeyed building or the area of your house is big then you should use a Wi-Fi Booster. Its main purpose is to carry the existing signal from your Wi-Fi router and rebroadcast it as a new network. These boosters and extenders prove to be of great help when the original network is weak.
  4.  Utilize the latest Wi-Fi technology – By using the newest Wi-Fi technologies you can enjoy uninterrupted and fast paced uploading and downloading. It will also widen the range of your Wi-Fi connection. You can contact your service provider to get the best Wi-Fi plans for your home in India and be delighted with the speed. But along with getting the latest Wi-Fi technology, you must also see if your home router and Wi-Fi-enabled devices support the new technology. 
  5. Switching Wireless Frequency – if currently, you are using the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency then you may consider switching to 5 GHz frequency as it provides faster data transfer at shorter distances and also it is less busy as compared to 2.4 GHz wireless frequency. Here, the point to be kept in mind is that your router should also support the new wireless frequency. You can ask your service provider to suggest unlimited Wi-Fi plans for your home with 5 GHz wireless frequency.
  6. Follow the timeless advice “Reboot” – The epic IT advice ‘If it doesn’t work then try switching it off and then switch it on. Yes, this advice works well for Wi-Fi routers as well. Rebooting your router can work wonders for your router and increase the speed manifold. Rebooting clears the old memory of your router thus, allowing it to install new updates and work smoother and faster.
  7. Get a better internet plan – in today’s time, most of the products and appliances at our home are smart and use Wi-Fi. These Wi-Fi-enabled devices consume a substantial amount of bandwidth which all internet plans cannot support. You can get the best Broadband internet service in Altino or ask your service provider to suggest you unlimited Wi-Fi plans for your home. If you have been facing a speed problem at your home then you should definitely upgrade to the best Wi-Fi plans for your home in India.
Approaches To Boost Your Broadband Connection Wi-Fi At Home

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